Results were also fantastic in Early Years and Key Stage 1, where again the children did better than both local and national averages. Well done everyone!

End of Key Stage 1 Sats

  Met Expected Standard   Working at Greater Depth
Subject Reading Writing Maths RWM Science   Reading Writing Maths Science
Worcestershire 73% 61% 70% 56% 84%   27% 13% 18% 9%
Emerging National 74% 65% 73% 60% 82%   24% 13% 18% 9%
Holy Redeemer 85% 73% 73% 73% 73%   38% 27% 27% 23%

RWM = Reading, Writing and Maths combined


Well done to all our Year 2s as well and to all the many staff who have worked with them over the years, especially Mrs Hill, Mrs Deary, Mrs Anderson and Miss Martin. These result are fantastic, especially the large percentage of children who are working at greater depth in all areas.

As with all year groups this year, the required standard was much higher than in previous years, so this is an impressive set of results, especially when 7.6% of the cohort is made up of EAL (English as an Additional Language) children, who joined the class during this year, with little or no English.


Year 1 Phonics Screening

Worcestershire 80.9%
Emerging National 80.6%
Holy Redeemer 88.5%


And all of our Year 2s who were with us last year and did not pass the phonics, passed this year. 2 children in Yr 2 did not pass the phonics, but both only joined us in Yr 2 and both are EAL children who arrived with no English.


Early Years Foundation Stage

  Good Level of Development Average Score
Worcestershire 69.6% 34.9
Emerging National Data 69.3 34.5
Holy Redeemer 79.3% 35.1

GLD= Good Level of Development


Early Years and Key Stage 1 Results Success
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