Clubs for Autumn Term 2017

 1st Half Term2nd Half Term


Keen to be Green (3:15-4:15) 


KS 2 Hockey (3:15-4:15) 

KS 1 Yoga Bugs (3:15-4:15)

KS 2 Hockey (3:15-4:15) 
KS 1 Yoga Bugs (3:15-4:15)


KS 2 Fitness Club (3:15-4:15) KS 2 Fitness Club (3:15-4:15) 


KS 2 Netball (3:15-4:15) 
KS 2 Eco Club (12:30-1:15 or 3:15-4:15) with Bob and Val
KS 2 Netball (3:15-4:15) 


  KS1/2 Country Dancing (3:15-4:15)


Keen to Be Green Club

Mrs Barker and Mrs Breakwell have been working hard with their Green Team to learn about all things Eco. They have been working towards gaining the Eco Schools Green Flag award. This term they have made recycled paper, monitored the school’s recycling and energy usage, written letters to the caretaker asking him to help them with recycling and reducing the amount of energy that we use. They have spoken to teachers as well, to make sure that lights and boards are switched off when they are not in use. As well as this, they have focused on litter, cleaning up the school site and completing a litter pick down on Abbey Park. Here are some photos of some of the things they have been up to:















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