Summer Term 2018

This half term Year Five have been reading the story “Au Magasin Des Animaux” (At the Pet Shop).  They have revised animals and sorted these into masculine and feminine groups.  They have also begun to create their own versions of the story.  Keep an eye out here (and on our display in school) for our final pieces.

Spring Term 2018

This half term Year Five have bee learning about “La Famille”. They have begun to ask and answer questions, such as:

As-tu des frères ou des soeurs?  Take a look at them using a card game to help them:

They have also learnt the phrases: “il s’appelle” and “elle s’appelle” to say the names of their sisters and brothers.

Autumn Term 2017

This half term Year Five have played games and talking in pairs/groups to revise saying their name, age and where they live.  They have sequenced the days of the week and used this to create a “round” singing the days in order.  They have learnt vocabulary for “today”, “yesterday” and “tomorrow” and played games using this.  They have also used picture and word cards to sequence the months of the year and revise how to say when their birthday is.

Take a look below to find out what these children got up to last year:

Autumn Term 2016

Year Four and Five have revised how to say their name by asking and answering questions.  They have learnt about different fruits.  Take a look at them playing “Trouvez” and matching pairs.

Our German student, who visited us this half term, also helped to teach the children how to ask and answer the question:  Was ist dein Name? (what is your name?)

They learnt how to say some colours (die Farben) in German too and played “Finden die Farbe” (find the colour)

In the second half of the Autumn term, Class Five performed role plays about visiting the grocer’s.  Take a look at some of the comic strips they created from their role plays:

Spring Term (2017)

During the Spring Term, Class 5 learnt about parts of the body and used this to create role plays about visiting the doctor.

Summer Term (2017)

During the Summer Term, Year 4 and 5 learnt about the rooms in the house.  They used mime to show understanding of vocabulary and will be revising this in Year Five to describe their own houses. 


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