Summer Term 2018

This half term Year Six have been learning prepositions.  They are brilliant at singing the song “Derrière, derrière, devant…” and have even been known to sing this in the playground!!  Keep an eye out here for their performance of it.  They have also used a cat to help them construct phrases, using the prepositions.  Again keep an eye out for this on our display in school.

Spring Term 2018

During the Spring term Year Six have been learning about different sports. They have used forms of the verb “jouer” to explain what sports people play.

They are also learning about the verb “faire” to name sports that people do.  Take a look at them using the verb to create phrases:


Autumn First Half Term 2017

This half term Year Six have been revising how to give other people information about themselves.  They have played games involving asking and answering questions and translating key phrases.  They have also sequenced months of the year and days of the week and used word matching games to revise colours.

They have written paragraphs of information to describe themselves and used this to create their own posters and booklets. 

Autumn Second Half Term 2017

In the second half term, Year Six have continued learning about “Ma Journée” (my day) and have played pairs games to revise things we do before school. 

We then linked French with Computing to create quizzes in J2E.  Take a look at us doing that here (and remember to look on J2E to have a go at some of the quizzes we made!):


Take a look below to find out what Class Six (Year 5 & 6) got up to last year:

Autumn Term 2016

Year 6 have revised the days and months.  They have also learnt how to explain where they went on holiday.  They have used grammar to decide which form of the verb “aller” they need and which word to use to say “to”.

                  Je suis allé en France.

                 Je suis allée au Japon.

During the second half term Class Six learnt how numbers to 100 are constructed and began to use this to practise calculations.

Our visiting German student also helped to teach the children the numbers to 10 and we played bingo.  They also learnt how to say their name in German and some of the colours.  Take a look at them playing “Finden die Farbe” (find the colour) here:

Spring Term (2017)

During the Spring term, Class 6 continued to use numbers to practise calculations.  They also learnt how to tell the time and about daily routines.

Summer Term (2017)

During the Summer term, Class 6 continued to learn about “Ma Journée” – routines of the day before school.  Take a look at them matching some ‘before school’ routines with the corresponding vocabulary:  

They will revise this during the Autumn term 2017 and learn to use phrases about routines to create paragraphs, linked with connectives.  

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