Autumn Term 2018

Year Three have begun to learn French and have been asking and answering the question:  Comment ça va? 

They will learn to say their name, how old they are and when their birthday is throughout this term.


Take a look at one of the topics that last year’s Year Three children completed

Summer Term 2018

Year Three have been learning about the weather this half term.  They have enjoyed learning the different vocabulary through a variety of games, including “Trouvez!”, Bingo, Dominoes and Pelmanism.  Take a look at them here:

They have also created their own illustrations of weather and made a film of it.  Why not take a look at their films made into auras, which can been scanned using an iPad, on our display in school?  Here is a preview of the question that they are asking, “Quel temps fait il?” (what’s the weather like):

    Quel temps fait il

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