Spring Term 2018

This term Year Three have continued to learn numbers to 31.  They have also been matching months of the year in English and French and learning how to pronounce these.

Autumn Second Half Term 2017

In the second half term Year Three have begun to learn numbers to 31.  They will also be learning the months of the year and how to say the date of their birthday.  Take a look at them playing number dominoes here:

Autumn First Half Term 2017

This half term Year Three have revised how to say hello, goodbye and how are you? using the song “Bonjour, ça va?”.  They have also revised saying their name and age, as well as numbers to 11 by playing the game “onze”.  They have sequenced days of the week and matched colours to words.  This revision has been taught through a combination of songs, games and talking in pairs/groups.


Here is some of the work that this year’s Year Three class did last year, when they were in Year Two:

Also, take a look below to see what last year’s Year Three class learnt in French:

Autumn Term 2016

Year Three have revised the numbers to twenty and learnt the numbers to 31 by playing counting games and reading numbers.  Take a look at them playing dominoes to match the numbers to words.

We were very lucky to have a German student visiting our school this half term, so the children have also learnt numbers to 10 and how to say their name in German!!

In the second half of the Autumn term Year Three have been learning the months of the year and to explain when their birthday is.  Take a look at some of their work here:

Spring Term (2017)

During the fist half of the Spring Term Year Three have been listening to and responding to classroom instructions.  We worked in pairs to give instructions and act these out.  Then we worked in small groups to create our own games of “Jacques à dit” for the class.  Take a look at us playing “Jacques à dit” here:

Summer Term (2017)

In the Summer term, Year Three will be learning about fruits and vegetables.  Take a look at them matching fruit pictures and names here:

They have also acted out “La Salade de Fruits” – “How to make fruit salad.”


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