Spring Term 2019

This half term Year Six have investigated numbers to 100 and how these are formed. They have played Bingo and Quick Write to practise multiples of ten.  They have also applied their learning to count from zero to 100 (in ones), we all had to think really hard to do this but were brilliant at completing the task!

Autumn Term 2018

During the Autumn term Year Six revised how to give other people information about themselves. They translated key phrases and questions by playing the card game “Quiz Quiz share”.  They then used this to create information booklets/posters about themselves. Take a look at these here.

Year six have also learnt about daily routines before school.


Take a look below at one of the topics that last year’s Year Six children completed

Summer Term 2018

This half term Year Six have been learning prepositions.  They are brilliant at singing the song “Derrière, derrière, devant…” and have even been known to sing this in the playground!!  They have also used a cat to help them construct phrases, using the prepositions.

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