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The new primary school curriculum came into force in September 2014 and details the subject content and skills for all the National Curriculum subjects. At Holy Redeemer, staff, pupils and parents have designed our own curriculum of things that make learning at Holy Redeemer so special and that we will weave the new content and skills through, with our curriculum forming the weft and the new statutory curriculum forming the warp. Together these strands will be woven together to form an exciting, innovative and relevant curriculum for our pupils.

Our curriculum will/will be:

Creative and Fun – and will motivate staff and pupils

Interconnected – exploiting real life and cross curricular links

Enquiry-based – allowing children to explore the world around them and discover new and exciting things

Personalised and Meaningful – to our pupils personally and within the context of our locality and the world today

Flexible – to take advantage of pupils’ own interests and local/national/international events

Full of higher-order thinking opportunities

Skills-based – social and practical, talk for learning

Rooted in Christian values – sense of community and parish, respecting and caring for others, spirituality and being the best that we can be, lead assemblies and Masses, time for prayer and reflection

Include lots of problem solving

Develop personal growth and independence – confidence, self-esteem, challenge, citizenship, celebrating achievement, assessment for learning, building learning power, developing life-skills, decision making, taking risks, learning from mistakes, Special person of the week, circle time, responsibility, collaboration

Include lots of opportunities for curriculum enrichment – band, choir, art, drama, forest school, residential trips, educational visits, wide range of extra-curricular clubs, competitions, tournaments, high quality plays and productions, concerts

Have a strong element of pupil voice – Eco Council, School Council, Prefects, Playground Buddies, Sports Council, pupil-led planning

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