Increased numbers of children attending clubs:

KS 1 Football815
Ks 2 Football1216
KS 1 Dance712

 Increased range of sporting and PE activities provided in lessons:

Number of Sports Offered9 (hockey, athletics, swimming, bell boating, bench ball, cricket, dance, multi-skills, gymnastics)12 (hockey, athletics, swimming, bench ball, tri-golf, tag rugby, cricket, dance, multi-skills, volley ball, gymnastics, bell boating)

Increased participation and success in sports festivals, tournaments and matches

Tournaments and Competitions7 (CTA U9 and U11 Netball, CTA U9 and U11 Athletics, CTA U9 and U11 Football, Pershore Bellboating)12 (CTA U9 and U11 Netball, CTA U9 and U11 Football, CTA U9 and U11 Athletics, CTA U9 and U11 Football, KS2 Boccia and Kurling, Evesham High U11 Athletics, Prince Henry Yr 5/6 Football, BEO Yr 5/6 Football, Yr 6 Pershore Kwik Cricket, Yr 2 Pyramid Multi-skills, Yr 4 Kwik Cricket, Pershore Bellboating, Pyramid Yr 3/4 Hockey, Yr 5 and 6 Mini Tennis, Pyramid Yr 4/5 Tri-Golf, Represented South Worcestershire in mini tennis at the School Games, Bredon School Yr 6 Athletics)
Medals Won1017
Tournaments Won07

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