Easter Reflection

Yesterday Year 6, supported by the choir and band, performed this year’s Easter Reflection. They took us on a journey from Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, on Palm Sunday, amid the waving of palms and the shouts of the crowd, to the solemn events of Good Friday. It was a very moving occasion, which was testified to by many of the parishioners, parents, staff and pupils who watched. Thank you to everyone involved; it was a wonderful way to end the term and set us all up really well for Holy Week.

Year Three Dance Festival

On Tuesday 9th April Year Three took part in a dance festival at Worcester Arena, along with two other schools.  Over the last four weeks the children have been learning and preparing their dance, with the help and support of Bethan from All Sorts of Performing Arts. Take a look at their warm up, rehearsal and the actual performance below.

The children created an amazing performance and also enjoyed watching the other schools dancing.  Take a look at our Spring Term class page to find out a bit more about what the children thought of their opportunity to take part in this.

A BIG thank you to Bethan for coming in to teach the dance to the children!

Winter Youth Games Success

At last week’s Worcestershire Youth Games, Holy Redeemer represented South Worcestershire in Kurling and Hockey (having won the local South Worcestershire heats earlier in the year). Both teams performed extremely well, with the Kurling team taking Silver and the Hockey team taking Bronze. Congratulations to both teams and thanks to Mrs Annis and Mrs Porter for their tireless work with all of the children on all things sporting!

National Online Safety: YouTube

This week, National Online Safety (NOS) are broadcasting a re-vamped version of their popular YouTube guide. Ofcom’s Media and Attitudes report (2018) reveals that even children as young as three are using the site as a form of entertainment.

What is YouTube?
YouTube is an online platform – owned by Google – where users can upload and watch video content. Although you are required to create an account to upload material, you do not need an account to watch videos on the platform, meaning anyone with an internet connection can watch videos that your child uploads. All different types of information, advice and entertainment are uploaded and billions of people tune in to watch, rate and comment on it. As a parent or carer, it’s important you understand exactly what content your children might be seeing.

Follow this link to download a really useful guide on YouTube, including inline safety tips:

Inclusion Festival

Some children from Holy Redeemer took part in a multi-skills festival at Prince Henry’s on Wednesday 3rd April. The children all had a wonderful time and they all received medals and t-shirts. Thank you to Mrs. Porter for taking the group and to Prince Henry’s for organising such a wonderful morning of sport and physical activity.

Online Safety

This week we’re sharing a NOS guide about ‘online challenges’. Although some challenges are completely innocent, others can have much more sinister undertones, potentially putting young people at risk.
In today’s digitally connected world, children and adults are constantly presented with new ways to engage, react and contribute. We’re sociable beings; it’s a natural human instinct, especially amongst younger audiences, to want to belong and join in. Viral Challenges (as they’re often known) draw on these emotions and, as the name suggests, spread and gather pace very rapidly. New challenges are constantly emerging and evolving. They’re often completely innocent, raising awareness of worthy causes or simply providing amusement. However, they can have much more sinister undertones, putting children at risk.