Welcome to Reception Class

‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away’. (Anon)

Reception Class have settled well into Holy Redeemer School and are enjoying learning with their new friends. 

Meet the Staff



Autumn 1

During this half term our topic is Nursery Rhymes. The children chose which nursery rhymes they wanted to base their learning around. 

Baa Baa Black Sheep

One of our mini topics in class has been Baa Baa Black Sheep and as part of this we have visited a farm. We met lots of animals and have learnt a lot about farming.      





In RE the children have been learning about weddings. We had our annual wedding with a very busy afternoon of activities to support the children’s learning. 

We made confetti to throw at the wedding. We made wedding rings, cakes, presents and flowers to help with the celebrations. We will now enjoy acting out weddings in our classroom during our own learning time!


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

When we looked at Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, the children worked in pairs to be ‘Exploring Elephants’ and investigated exploding stars. There was a lot of fizzing and bubbling!!


We also found out about people who work at night when the stars are in the sky and when we are asleep! We painted pictures of our favourite occupations, which are displayed in class and we had a visit from Alex, who is a midwife and often works at night. We found out a lot about her job and have been lucky enough to explore some of the equipment that she uses at work. 



 Summer Term 2017 

Our last challenge for the year was to make the corral mini beast friendly. We did lots of research into what a mini beast is, where they might live, what they like to eat and which mini beasts we would like to attract into our corral. We drew plans of what and where we would like to put new things into the corral, such as a mini beast mansion and then finally we got to work with our parents and teachers. We worked hard and have created lots of new habitats for different mini beasts to come and live in. Thank you to everyone who donated resources and/or their time to make this possible.


This term we are learning all about dinosaurs. 

The finale to our dinosaur topic was holding a ‘Dinosaur Exhibition’ to show off everything we had been learning about. We invited all the school and parents to attend. We were tour guides for the afternoon and provided individual tours for our visitors. We were able to show them our dinosaur fossils, our dinosaur museum, our models, writing, dinosaur bones and pictures we had created on the computer and we also shared dinosaur fiction and non-fiction books with them. We had a very busy, but enjoyable afternoon. 

We made dinosaur bones using salt dough. We used them to solve some challenges, such as ‘Can you find 3 bones which when put together are the same length as this large bone?’

We used the dinosaur land to use a range of positional language, such as next to, in between . 

We have been using dinosaurs to practise some maths.





We could choose if we wanted to weigh…








    or count …



Mrs Barker gave us a ‘Cold Challenge’ on Tuesday

In groups we were given ice balloons with trapped dinosaurs inside them. We were then given the challenge to work out how we could get the dinosaurs out the fastest. We talked about how we could melt the ice. Some children suggested putting them in the oven, so we did! Some children suggested the microwave would melt the ice, so we tried that! One child said we could pour hot tea over them…we tried this too! Dara suggested putting a hot cloth around one…so we did! We had lots of fun discovering different ways of melting the ice to release our dinosaurs. We found out that hot tea and the oven worked very quickly. All our dinosaurs were released; some more quickly than others. 



In our outdoor classroom we have a Dinosaur Disco. We have enjoyed making music and movement in groups and on our own and have enjoyed performing to each other!


Before Easter we had a family art and craft afternoon.

Hopscotch Pre-school also joined in and we all made lots of Easter

crafts to take home. 



Reception Class attended a Multi-skills Festival at Blessed Edward Oldcorne. 




South Africa Week

We had a South Africa week and explored different aspects of their country. We worked in groups to create our own townships using different resources from the construction area. 


Spring Term 2017      

 We have been reading the traditional story ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and have based all our learning around this book. Here are just a few photographs to show what we have been doing so far.


We have also started our story times in which parents and families are invited to join the children in class to share books together. Our first session saw 14 adults come into Reception Class to read books to their children. Thank you. Our next story time is on 31st January 8.50-9.10. We look forward to seeing you there. 



Involving Parents 

In Reception Class we like to involve parents in their children’s learning as much as possible. Before Christmas we held a Christmas Craft afternoon in which parents came into school to make lots of different arts and crafts with their children. We all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and created some lovely Christmas crafts to take home.


Forest School

Reception Class take part in Forest School sessions at Pershore College. This is where the children take their learning outside and cover the curriculum in a different setting. Here are just a few photos of our time at Forest School


Autumn Term 2016 

Below is just a flavour of what we were doing in our first few weeks at Holy Redeemer Catholic School. 

In RE we have been learning about people who love and care for us. We always have a pretend wedding, with play dough cakes, confetti, rings and a party! Mrs Taylor plays the priest and marries the bride and groom. In the ‘church’ the guests wait eagerly for the happy couple and the bridal party! 

Our topic this half term is Nursery Rhymes.

The children chose which rhymes they wanted to base their learning around.

Here is a snapshot of what we have been doing each week.

Week One – 6 Brown teddies

We made models of teddy bears on the creation station.

On the maths table we separated six teddies in different ways, recording our findings in our own way on the whiteboards.

Week Two – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

We made exploding stars by adding vinegar to bicarbonate of soda. We all loved watching the stars fizz!

We read the story of Whatever Next! and enjoyed acting out the story on our own and with friends.

We enjoyed looking at some non-fiction books in our space den to discover more about space.

We made rockets using 2D shapes.

We carefully counted out the stars to match the numerals.

Week Three – 10 Green Bottles

We have been exploring the different sounds the bottles made when we tapped them. We used the bottles to create our own rhythms and to tap along while we sang nursery rhymes.

We have been counting bubbles.

Tommy Turtle left a message in a bottle asking us to help him sort all the objects which had been washed up on the beach. We had to listen carefully and sort them into two bottles according to the initial letter sound.

We enjoyed practising our throwing skills by trying to hit the hanging bottles with different balls and beanbags.


Week 7

This week we have been learning about shapes and have based our learning on ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’. We have been making, naming, describing, digging up, drawing and spotting shapes in school and went on a shape walk. We walked down to the river and spotted some boats too! We have been exploring floating and sinking, singing songs, sharing books and practising writing our names as well.



People Who Care for Us

In RE we have been learning about people who care for us. We thought about all the people who care for us at home, at school and in the wider community. One of the people who cares for us is our Parish Priest. We went up to church to talk to Father Stephen about his role in our community. He told us about how he visits the sick, performs marriages, baptisms and funerals and how he cares for his parish community. He showed us the church and the different coloured vestments that he wears at different times in the Church’s year. We went on a hunt round the church, trying to find the objects that matched the pictures on our cards. 



Follow this link to find out about our Autumn Term assembly!