A big hello to our Year 1 class and their parents.  We hope you visit our web page regularly to find out what we are learning in our class.

 We hope you enjoy looking at our learning journey and seeing our wonderful achievements too…


Meet the Staff Team 


Follow these links to see what we are learning about (these will be updated as we go through the year):

Link to Autumn 1-Changes

Link to Autumn 2-Journeys

Link to Spring 1-Wonderful Worcestershire

Link to Spring 2-Perfect Potions

Link to Summer 1-Terrific Trees

Link to Summer 2-Take One Picture

Dear Parents,

It is lovely to see the children back at school, ready for learning.  They have quickly settled into Year One and are enthusiastic about their learning.  Here is some information about routines in Year One and I hope that you will find these helpful.


Your child has been given a reading record and reading book – please encourage them to read at home every day and discuss what they have read with you.  They will be given a bookmark to help you with some prompts.  Reading does not have to be a whole book – a few pages will be fine.  Please sign or initial so we know your child has read.  Please send their reading record and book into school every day, as we regularly listen to them read individually. They will have the opportunity to change their book every day, if necessary.

They will also have the opportunity to bring home a class library book.  It may be a book they can read independently, or one for you to read to them.  They can change this book as often as they wish.


Year 1 continues with a daily phonics lesson.  After recapping what has been learned in Reception we will progress onto alternative spelling patterns and spelling rules.   Spelling homework will mostly be given to help with these alternative sounds.

During the summer term they will undergo a phonics screening check which is a short assessment of their reading skills.  Details will be given out nearer the time, including information on how to help them during this time.

Key Words/Spellings

Spelling homework will start in a couple of weeks.  This will consist of each child deciding how to practise their own spellings.  They will have their own book to record their activity and there is an expectation to complete this weekly.  Children will be ‘monitored’ on these throughout the week, as we have found that simply learning spellings for a test doesn’t work.

The amount of words that children should be able to read and write correctly at the end of Year 1 increases as they move from Reception to Year 1.  Please find these in their Spelling book.  These will also include some common exception words that are not able to be ‘sounded out’.  There is space in the book to practise the words and also to find the meaning of some of these words – please encourage your child to try this.  Please ensure that your child brings their spelling book into school each day.


From time to time we will send out mini tasks to do at home.  These will be focused on a particular need that the children are to focus on. They may cover writing, maths or something to do with our topic.  Please support your child to enable them to succeed in these tasks.  If you do find they are struggling, please don’t hesitate to come in and have a chat.


Children will continue to progress in their maths in a practical way, using objects and hands on resources.  Please support them by giving opportunities to count (both forwards and backwards) in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.  They will now be recording their own number sentences.  Please let me know if you need ideas.

Forest School

In Year 1 our Forest School session alternates with Reception every half term on Friday afternoons.  Please remember to supply your child with appropriate clothing for these sessions.  A letter explaining about Forest School in more detail has already been sent.  Please ask for additional copies of this letter if needed.

PE times

PE will be additional to the Forest Session this term and is scheduled for Tuesday mornings.  Please make sure a full PE kit is in school, which should be clearly labelled and include footwear suitable for outdoor (trainers are preferable) and indoor activities.  Children may wear a tracksuit in the winter months.  Jewellery, including earrings, must not be worn for PE.

PE days may be changed to fit around other subjects and classes.


Both classes in Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) will be working closely together as we engage in the same topics.  This term our topics include ‘Changes’ and ‘Journeys’. The topics are planned to be cross curricular but not all subjects will fit with this.  We will also learn through mini topics, such as harvest and Christmas.   We hope to go on several educational visits throughout the year and details will be sent out separately.

Other General Notes


The only bags children need are a book bag and a PE kit (name on outside please).  We have spare clothes in class in case of any accidents, so your child does not need to bring these additionally.  This year children don’t need to attach key rings to their book bags as they don’t fit into their trays, and can cause a tripping risk in the classroom.  Please monitor daily what is in their book bags as children often like to ‘sneak’ in precious items from home. We also send home important letters that can become overlooked. 


We love to celebrate birthdays in Year 1, and there will be an opportunity to sing and wish each child well on their special day.  We are now ‘treat free’ and kindly ask you not to bring in cakes or sweets etc.  Children are allowed to dress in their home clothes on their birthday.  Please ask at the school office for a copy of last year’s letter if you missed it.

Mrs Breakwell is our main TA in Year 1.  However, as she is also our resident artist, she sometimes teaches art to other classes.  Miss Rhone is our Graduate teacher, who will be with us most of the year.  The children are used to seeing many other members of staff, and are used to having PE with Mrs Annis, music with Mr Lister and Forest School with Mrs Andrews.  We often have visiting students from other countries and this gives us the opportunity to learn a little about different cultures.

As the weather gets cooler, please make sure that your child has a suitable coat in school with them and that it is clearly labelled.

If you have any questions after this meeting or throughout the year, please do not hesitate to see us at the end of a school day.  If you need to contact us urgently before school, please enquire at the office.  Alternatively you can telephone school and leave a message.

They are a lovely group of children and we are looking forward to having a great year with them.  Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Sanders (Tuesday – Friday) and Miss Taylor (Monday)



 Have a look at a little of what we got up to on our first couple of days.

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Long Term Plan: Year 1 2016-2017 (Mrs Sanders)

Have a look at some of the fantastic things previous year ones got up to!

26th May

We have been learning about how the different fruits that grow on plants are used by us as food.  We thought about jam is made and how different berries can we made into this.  For an end of term activity we made jam tarts and learnt how to make the dough needed for these too.  We worked brilliantly in groups to make the dough, cut the shapes out and add the jam to the middle.  We enjoyed tasting these at the end of the day!

19th May

We have been learning about the plants in our local environment including the different trees and flowers.  We have learnt about the differences between evergreen and deciduous trees including how to identify these by their leaves and seeds. We have also enjoyed learning about flowers investigating what these need to grow.  We visited Tiddesley Wood to explore our local environment more and had a fantastic morning finding all the different plants and applying our science understanding too.  We worked in partners to record what we found out and shared this with our class afterwards.  In the afternoon we did some amazing printing in our art lesson using some of the leaves from the woods.  We created a large print by working together and using paint to create the effects.

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4th May

We have been busy investigating what plants need to grow…!  We worked in smaller groups and each chose an area that we would like to find out more about including light, water, soil and air.  We predicted what we thought would happen and then planned our investigation carefully thinking about what resources we would need and how we would carry it out.  We all decided to have two plant pots with a seed in each.  However each one would be put in the contrasting place.  For example, the group investigating light chose to put one pot in the window sill where it would get plenty of light and the other pot was placed in the cupboard away from the light.  Both pots would still have water, soil and air.  We worked brilliantly together and will observe the changes over the coming weeks to find out what a plant does need to help it grow.


During this month we have been busy with a design and technology project.  This has involved designing, making and evaluating.  After reading the story book ‘Lost in the Woods’ we were inspired to make a kite after going on adventure with a teddy bear who got attached to a kite and ended up at a teddy bears picnic.  We all designed our kites individually thinking about the resources we would use and the colours we would like too.  Our designs were fantastic and we shared these with our class to explain what we were going to do.  We then made our kites using card, dowel and tape and all worked brilliantly.  We really enjoyed creating the front of our kites with a range or colours and shapes using our cutting and sticking skills remembering to use our designs to help us too.  Our favourite part was attaching the string and testing them out on our school playground!

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8th January

We have been learning about writing instructions this week and had great fun making banana milkshakes today!  We worked in our groups to peel and chop the bananas and then added them into the blender with some milk.  We then all wrote our instructions for somebody else to follow if they wanted to make a banana milkshake.  At break time we got to taste our milkshake too…delicious!

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12th January

This week we have been learning all about ourselves.  We had fun working together to label all the different parts of the human body and shared what we had found out with everyone at the end of the lesson. 

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With Mrs Breakwell we learnt about drawing portraits and have created some wonderful portraits of ourselves.  We also wrote a description of ourselves thinking about what makes us all unique and used wow words and similes to do this!  Look out for our new class display in the school hall which will have all of this on…

7th December

We were all really impressed with Dylan and Olivia’s creative skills this week! They both made a model of a castle at home and brought them in to share with us all. We could see that they had been in lots of effort and both models were fantastic.  Can you spot the different features of their castles?  There are battlements, arrow slits, a portcullis and drawbridges!  Well done!



1st December

We have been learning about ‘Castles’ this half term including the different features and how life was different in the past to how we all live today.  We found out more about the different people that lived at a castle and thought about who we would have liked to have been…not many of us were keen on being servants!  We visited Tamworth Castle and enjoyed exploring the different rooms, meeting a Lady and a servant and training as squires…

18th November

We had visitors in our class today who taught us about being safe pedestrians.  We practiced crossing the road safely and how we should walk along pavements with adults remembering to hold their hand too!  We also thought about how important it is to wear bright clothing especially during the winter time so that other people can see us.  We had a great morning and will be using the safety rules when we are out and about near roads!



6th November

This week we have been learning about Hinduism in our multi-cultural week.  We learnt about two festivals that are celebrated by Hindus all over the world.  

Diwali is the ‘festival of light’ and is celebrated around this time of year lasting for 5 days.  We learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and how lights guided them back home safely.  We created diva lamps using salt dough and decorated them with sequins and glitter.  We also had sparklers in our outdoor classroom, created rangoli patterns, lanterns and decorated the Hindu symbol, Om.


Holi is the ‘festival of colour’ and is celebrated at the start of springtime to welcome the new year.  People burn their old belongings on huge bonfires and use the ashes from this to bless their home.  They use coloured water and powder paints to decorate themselves and others.  Everyone is welcome to take part in the celebrations and it looks lots of fun!  We recreated some of this festival in class too and made Holi fruit kebabs using different coloured fruits.  They were delicious!


21st October

We invited our parents in for story-time today.  We enjoyed sharing some of our favourite stories with them and reading new ones too!

19th-23rd October

This week we are having a Science week learning about everyday materials.  We learnt about different man-made and natural materials thinking about where they come from.  We thought about what they are called, how we might sort them and what objects are made out of them.  

 We also investigated if objects sink or float.  Pirate Pete sent us a letter asking for you help after his cheeky parrot threw some of his belongings off his boat!  We found out that some of them floated and some of them sank and recorded this ourselves.  We thought about why this might have happened…

‘… because some objects are heavier than others’ (Kyle)

‘… tissue sank because the water made it heavier when the tissue absorbed’ (Dylan)

‘… the stick floated because it is made of wood’ (Kaleb)

‘… the money sank and is made of metal but the tin foil is made of metal and floated’ (Abigail)

‘… the spoon was made of plastic and was big so it floated’ (Harry)

‘… some things are heavier and some things are lighter’ (Anne)


Friday 16th October

In our geography topic we have been learning about human and physical features.  We went for a walk around Pershore and found lots of these in our home town!  We thought about what our favourite features are and why…

‘I like the fields because I can run around in them’ (Kieron-Lee)

‘My favourite is the river because I like fishing’ (Reuben)

‘I like the pond in our eco-garden because I like the frogs’ (Olivia A)

‘I really like the new bridge because it looks great!’ (Jasmine)

‘I like the hills and fields because I enjoy walking with my Mummy and Daddy there’ (William)


Wednesday 14th October

In RE we have been learning about Creation and how God made our wonderful world.  We retold the story in our small world area, created storyboards to show what happened each day and made shiny stars and moons on the creation station.  In our collective worship we have been thinking about thanking God for our favourite part of Creation and reflecting on how we should take care of the world around us.



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