Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to the Year Three class page! We have had a great start to our Autumn term in Year Three – all the children are working hard and are really enthusiastic.

Here is an outline of our curriculum for 2017-18:  Year Three Curriculum Plan 2017-18

If you were unable to come along to our “Meet the Teacher” session on Monday 11th September, please find the letter that was given out here:

Meet the Teacher 2017

Also, please also find a few pieces of important information to keep you up to date with our class for this school year:

AUTUMN 2017:

  • P.E. lessons will be on a Wednesday afternoon, with Mrs Annis. Please make sure that you have a P.E. kit in school, including P.E. shoes / trainers.  All of these should be clearly labelled.
  • Our first class assembly will be on Friday 1st December 2017 at 9am.
  • Swimming for Year Three will begin on Friday 17th November 2017 for three weeks and then a further four weeks from Friday 12th January 2018.
  • Please find below a copy of the letter about our forthcoming visit to Bredon Hill (Wednesday 15th November 2017)

BREDON HILL letter 2017


Homework over half term is to consolidate learning in mathematics about adding and subtracting multiples of 1, 10 and 100.  Please find the activity attached below.  You have also been asked to use some of the spelling strategies that we learnt in class to learn these key words (plus any others that you would like to challenge yourself with from the blue and purple word lists).  Homework is due on Monday 30th October 2017.

HOMEWORK Mon 30th October 2017

Half term Key words practise

Key word lists for literacy are attached below. A copy of these will be included in your homework book.

Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words

Year 3 and 4 Word List


This half term Year Three have been studying Magnets and Forces in science. They have worked collaboratively to plan and carry out a number of investigations, including testing the strength of magnets and how well objects travel on different surfaces.

They were given a homework project to demonstrate their learning about magnets.  Take a look at some of the fantastic things they created:

BEELINE Storytelling Festival

On Tuesday 17th October 2017, Year Three and Four visited Worcester University’s Storytelling Festival, where we were entertained by Amy Douglas.  We all loved listening to her tales and lots of us particularly enjoyed the story about the wide-mouthed frog!  Take a look at some pictures from the trip here:

Building Learning Power

The children in Year Three have all been given a Building Learning Power target.  Building Learning Power is split into the 6 “Rs”, which are:

Resilience (managing distractions, being focussed on learning, persevering);

Responsibility (talking or writing about what we have done well and what we need to do to improve);

Reflectiveness (planning what we are going to do and the best way to do it, remembering things we have learnt and applying these in our learning);

Resourcefulness (making links between things we have already learned, trying out new ways of doing things, using resources or equipment to help our learning);

Reciprocity (sharing ideas with others, listening to others, understanding feelings of others)

Readiness (organising ourselves so we are ready to learn, managing and controlling feelings)

Take a look at our Building Learning Power targets below:


In Art we have been practising using pencils to develop texture and tone.  Take a look at some of the portraits we have produced, using soft pencils:



We also looked at the work of the artist: Amedeo Modigliani and discovered that his portraits often have a long, stretched neck.  We used pastels to copy his style.  Take a look at some of our brilliant work here:

GROWTH Mindsets

This week we read the story of Gerald the Giraffe in the book: Giraffes Can’t Dance.  

In the story, poor Gerald is not a very good dancer and gets laughed at by the other jungle animals when he has a go at the jungle dance.  After reading this part we shared our ideas about how Gerald felt.


Then we found out that, when Gerald was encouraged by a cricket, he could actually dance really well.  He just needed to find the music that he loved.

We also talked about things that we can’t do YET in Year Three, just like Gerald couldn’t dance.  Over the next few weeks we will be thinking about how we can achieve some of the things that we can’t do yet.  Keep an eye out for how we are getting along.

Also, take a look at our R.E. page by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page to find out about our new topic for this half term.

If you would like to find out about what we are learning in RE or French click on the links below.  You can also look at some of the great things that Year Three got up to last year by clicking on these.




Take a look at our learning in R.E. (2017/18) bread and wine window

The Stone Age to the Iron Age (Autumn 2016):   Stone Henge


Autumn second half term 2016: The RomansROMANS


Spring Term 2017: Volcanoes and Earthquakes volcano200


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