HOLY WEEK – Spring 2018

Year Three listened to the story of Palm Sunday, then took part in a procession, imagining they were part of the crowd.  Take a look at them here:

Take a look at one of the puppet pals films that we made based on this event: Palm Sunday film

Abi was awarded “Writer of the Week” after imagining she was part of the crowd on Palm Sunday:

Palm Sunday

During the Passover Jesus came to Jerusalem. I knew this because I heard people shouting “HOSANNA! Here comes the King!”  I rushed out of the house and then I stopped, for there in front of me was the biggest crowd I’d seen in Jerusalem.  I was so excited because I would see the King!  When I finally go a space in the crowd, I thought “This is brilliant!”  I sprinted back into the house and said to myself, “Shall I get an old piece of cloth to put on the road?”  Once I’d laid it on the road I ripped a palm and waved it.  Then I said to my friend, “Do you know Jesus is coming?”  She didn’t answer me because she was too busy waving her palm at Jesus.  Later that evening, I was so tired because it had been such an exciting day.  I said to myself, “This day I’ll never forget!”

LENT – Spring 2018

Year Three joined the rest of the school at the Ash Wednesday Mass in church on Wednesday 14th February.  After Mass we talked about prayer, fasting and almsgiving and what these mean.

We created an ash cross and wrote our Lenten promises, explaining what our fasting and alsmgiving would be this Lent.

We have thought about how we have changed since being in Year Three and talked about how Lent is a time when we try to change to be more like Jesus.  We listened to and watched the story of Jesus meeting the widow of Nain and then chose our own way of re-telling the story.  Abigail and Avani both chose to make a booklet – take a look at their writing here:

The Widow of Nain by Abigail

Jesus and his friends were walking to Nain.  As they were walking, they saw a funeral procession.  Some were wailing, others were weeping, Jesus and is friends had to step aside to let them go past.


In the coffin was a young man. Behind the coffin was his mum. Jesus went up to the widow and said. “Don’t cry.”

Jesus went up to the coffin. People started to whisper to each other and say “What is he doing?”  The boy’s mother was scared.  Jesus went up to the coffin and said to the man, “Get up.”


Everyone was amazed. The man’s cheeks turned rosy red. He sat up.  The widow ran to her son and kissed him. She was so happy!  Jesus started to walk away.  “Thank you,” called the widow. The son and the widow were happily together again.  

The Widow of Nain by Avani

One day Jesus was walking up a steep hill in Nain, when he saw a funeral procession walking down a bumpy path.  The person who died was a son of a widow. The mother was sobbing her eyes out and devastated.

Jesus saw the mother crying, so he went up to the woman and touched her shoulder saying, “Stop crying, your son will be with you.”

Jesus walked up to the son, touched his arm and said, “Young man, get up.”  The woman did not know what Jesus was doing.

When Jesus let go of his arm, the young man immediately got up.  He didn’t know what was happening. His mother’s face lit up and everybody was very surprised.

The mother ran up to her son and squeezed him. Jesus went away feeling very happy.  The mother said, “God has been looking over us.”

Take a look at some of our “Fasting and Feasting” prayers, inspired by the words of Pope Francis:

This Lent I will….
Fast from being sad and feast on happiness,
Fast from frustration and feast on calmness,
Fast from being unkind and feast on being kind,
Fast from selfishness and feast on thinking about others.
By Ronan
This Lent I will………
Fast from being mean and feast on being kind,
Fast from being sorrowful and feast on happiness,
Fast from being naughty and feast on being good.
By Tulisa
This Lent I will…
Fast from crossness and feast on happiness,
Fast from selfishness and feast on thinking about other people,
Fast from ignoring people and feast on listening.
By Olivia C
This Lent I will fast from ignoring people and feast on listening to everyone,
This Lent I will fast from being cruel and feast on being kind,
This Lent I will fast from being messy and feast on being tidy.
By Sebastian

CLASS ASSEMBLY – 19th January 2018

Our recent class assembly focussed on the topic of Christmas and the celebration of Jesus’ birth.  Take a look at some of the things we included.

Here we are showing the celebrations of a birthday, a wedding and a baptism:

Listen to a clip of the song we performed: Come and Join the Celebration

Come and Join the celebration

As part of our literacy lessons we wrote a playscript about the angels telling the shepherds the good news of Jesus’ birth.  Take a look at a clip of the Puppet Pals film we made using our playscript:

Angel and Shepherds

In the assembly we acted out the story of how Saint Francis created the first Christmas crib:

We finished the assembly by singing: Jesus Joy of the Highest Heaven and sharing some prayers that we wrote, using this song to inspire us:

Jesus Joy of the Highest Heaven

Holy Child of Bethlehem,
Born under a magical star,
God sent you to save us from our sins,
Sent you to show us the good path to follow,
Help me to tell others about you,
Help me to be kind to my family,
By William
Heavenly Child,
Born in an old stable, no ordinary child,
Sent by God to lead us to heaven, to lead us on the path of God,
Help me to live a life like you,
Help me to be kind and forgiving,
By Jacob
Surrounded by love,
Sent to get rid of our sorrows and bring us happiness,
Please help me not to quarrel
By Antonin
Son of God,
Held carefully by your mother,
Surrounded by oxen, Born under a golden star,
Sent as a gift to lead us to heaven,
You show us the right path,
Help me to share,
Thank you for my family and help me to be nice to them,
By Ryan
Heavenly child,
Born in an old wooden stable,
Surrounded by animals,
Sent by God to show us the good path to follow,
Thank you for showing me how to love,
Help me to be kind and helpful,
By Phoebe
Holy Child of Bethlehem,
Born under a shining star,
Sent to show us the good path to follow,
Please help me to be loving to people,
And let people play with me.
By Olivia

We have just started our Christmas topic (2017/18) and have spent time thinking about the angel’s message to the shepherds.  We studied crib scenes to help us create our own images of what this looked like to the shepherds and also used this to write our own descriptions of the manger scene.

Take a look at some of our artwork here:

And here are some of our descriptions of what it was like to be at the manger:

As I tiptoed into the warm, cosy stable I gazed at a beam of light shining on a beautiful baby. He was lying in a manger surrounded by some animals and his mum and dad.  I was speechless because we were the first people to see the Son of God.  It was a really joyful sight and, as I crept closer, I heard the noise of a goat, a cow and a chicken.  I wanted to give Jesus a present but I didn’t have one, so I gave him a sheep.  I didn’t know what to say, so instead I bowed and as I bowed I said to the other shepherds “We are so lucky to be here right now.”  I felt so special and I thought it was an amazing dream but I knew it was time to go so I ran out of the stable and tried to tell everyone else.


As I tiptoed into the warm, cosy stable I saw a beam of light shining at a beautiful baby.  He was a king and he was called Jesus. I slowly walked to see tiny baby Jesus.  I kneeled and said “Thank you God”. I felt that I was important to see our new king.  Behind Jesus I saw Mary and Joseph and hungry animals eating the yellow hay.  I said “Is this really happening? I will never forget this amazing day because this day is really special.”  Then again I kneeled and said thank you to God.  Then I left him a lamb as a gift and said “you are my king”.


As I crept slowly into the warm, cosy stable right in front of me I saw a beautiful baby lying in a manger full of hay.  I gazed up into the air seeing a wonderful bright light in the sky.  I knelt down beside the new born king and started saying a prayer to God about choosing us shepherds to see our Saviour.

I felt so lucky because God chose us ordinary people to see a king. I gave a lamb to the baby as a present.  In the stable I heard the bleating of a lamb, cows mooing softly, chickens clucking and hay rustling. I couldn’t believe I was in the place where Christ was born.  It was a day I will never forget.



During our Advent topic we learnt about the stories of the Annunciation and the Visitation.  We found out that the Hail Mary prayer comes from the words that Gabriel says to Mary, when he tells her she will be the mother of Jesus.  We used puppets to re-tell the story of Mary visiting her cousin, Elizabeth.  We also thought about the different names given to Jesus and wrote our own Advent prayers.  Take a look at some of them here:

Christ Our Lord,

You were sent by God to help me when I am lonely,

I will welcome you by helping people when they are lonely.

You were sent by God to help me have joy when I am sad,

I will welcome you by giving people joy when they are sad.

You were sent by God to help poorly people,

I will welcome you by helping hurt people.


By Kyle



You were sent by God to be the light of the world,

I will welcome you by putting others first.

You were sent by God to bring joy to the world,

I will welcome you by being kind and loving.


By Julia



You were sent by God to die on the cross for us,

I will welcome you by being kind and loving.

You were sent by God to help people,

I will welcome you by doing kind things and helping people that have hurt themselves.


By Reuben



You were sent by God to forgive our sins,

I will welcome you by forgiving my friends when they are not kind to me.

You were sent by God to bring joy when I am sad,

I will welcome you by being kind to my friends and family.

You were sent by God to be the light of the world,

I will welcome you by praying more in church.


By Zofia


We wrote each line of our prayer on a paper chain and used these in our classroom worship:

CLASS ASSEMBLY – 1st December 2017

Our first class assembly of this year linked to our topics of: Belonging – We Gather as God’s Family and We Listen to God at Mass.  Take a look at some video clips and photos from our assembly and listen to Pharoah Pharoah! using the mp3 file:

Here are some video clips of the start of our assembly, when we sang “Gather, Gather”:  Gather Procession     

Gather Gather

Listen to some of the bidding prayers that we read out:  Bidding Prayers

Here we are singing “Hail Mary” at the end of our assembly: Hail Mary

You can also have a go at singing along with Pharoah! Pharoah! using this mp3 file: 

PRAYERS of the ROSARY – November 2017

As part of our topic on prayer, we learnt about how the Rosary is used and the different prayers of the Rosary.  Take a look at us thinking about this and some of the ways in which the Rosary can help us to pray:

PRAYER – Autumn 2017

Year Three have learnt about prayer in R.E.  As part of this we visited the church and took photographs of things in the church that would help us to pray.  Take a look at the children in the church and some of the posters they have made, after our visit:

LITURGY of the WORD – We Listen: AUTUMN 2017

During the second half of the Autumn Term Year Three have been focussing on the listening part of Mass.  We began by using children’s Mass booklets to sequence what happens during this part of Mass.

We then read some Old Testament stories and thought about the messages in these.  We also used Psalm 148 to write our own class Psalm – take a look at our version below:

Come and praise the Lord!

Gigantic mountains and swaying green grass

Towering trees and swirling leaves

Come and praise the Lord!

Fragrant flowers, fruit and the harvest

Come and praise the Lord!

Monkeys swinging in the trees and snakes slithering in the scorching desert

Come and praise the Lord!

Burning sun and glowing moon and sparkling stars

Come and praise the Lord!

Crashing oceans and salty seas

Rushing rivers

Come and praise the Lord!

Precious people, children in schools and all the Saints in heaven

Come and praise the Lord!

On Wednesday 1st November we went to church for the Feast of All Saints and listened carefully during the Mass.  We have also read some New Testament stories to find out about these.

We learnt that God can hear and see what is in our hearts, by reading the story of Ananias and Sapphira.

We thought about what we could tell people about God and Jesus, after reading the story of Timothy loving God.

We wrote our ideas about how we could help the poor after acting out the story of Dorcas.

We wrote prayers to thank God for looking after us, after reading the story of Paul and the snake.  We also used our prayers during a class worship session.

Take a look at some of our finished work here:

BELONGING – We Gather as God’s Family: AUTUMN 2017

Year Three have discussed different groups that they belong to and created illustrations to show what they do in the group and why they enjoy them.  We have also learnt about how Jesus called the disciples to follow him and the story of Jesus’ Baptism.  To conclude this topic we talked about how God’s family gather together at Mass and took part in activities about the Introductory Rites of the Mass.  Scroll down to see our display about this and see what we learnt about Baptism.


After learning about the Baptism of Jesus, we thought about what the sacrament of Baptism means and what special things happen at a Baptism.

On Tuesday 26th September, Year Three were lucky enough to visit the church for the Baptism of Mary Teresa.  Deacon Pat helped us with the ceremony , which celebrates a person being welcomed into God’s family.

Here, Father Thomas welcomes the parents and God-parents.

The parents were then asked what they are asking of God (Baptism) and the name they have given to their child.  Kyle explained that they had chosen Mary Teresa because “Mary is from the Bible and Teresa is a saint.”

The parents and God-parents then made the sign of the cross on Mary’s forehead.

After that, Father Thomas baptised Mary by pouring water over her head three times. “I baptised you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”  The water is a symbol of washing away our sins.

Mary was annointed with the oils of Baptism and Chrism.

Towards the end of the ceremony Mary was wrapped in a white garment to show that she is dressed as a new follower of Christ.  She also received a Baptismal candle to guide her on her journey as part of God’s family.

Take a look at some of the pictures of groups we belong to here.  You can find these in “Our Book about Belonging”, which is on our altar in class.

Daniel told us that he enjoyed going to Beavers – he brought his necker into school to show us.

Introductory Rites of Mass.

We wrote our own prayers and held a class worship session after learning about the “We Gather” part of Mass:


We listened to the story of Jesus’ ascension and his promise of the Holy Spirit.  We then re-created what it must have been like for the disciples in the upper room at Pentecost, using sound effects, music and props.  

Take a look at our display of flames, made by blowing water colour paint across the picture and our “Good News” flames with the messages the children have written:

The children also wrote prayers to the Holy Spirit.  You can see these displayed in the school hall:




Liturgy of the Eucharist (We Give Thanks) 2016-17

On Tuesday 24th January, Year Three learnt about what happens during the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  We used children’s Mass booklets to sequence the key parts and then we took part in our own role play about the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  Take a look at our service here:

The gifts of bread and wine are brought to the altar in the Offertory

The priest remembers what Jesus did at the Last Supper and lifts up the host.  A bell rings at this point.

After the Eucharistic prayer, we join in with the Our Father

We offer each other the sign of peace

We come to the altar to receive Jesus or a blessing

Take a look at our fantastic display about the Eucharist:


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