Class Assembly: 28th September 2018

Year Three took part in their first class assembly of the year on Friday 28th September. The assembly was based on the work they have completed on being a disciple of Jesus and Baptism. Take a look at some pictures from this and a video clip of them singing:

I Belong to the Family of God

BELONGING – We Gather as God’s Family: AUTUMN 2018

Year Three have discussed different groups that they belong to and created illustrations to show what they do in the group and why they enjoy them. We created a class book with all our illustrations.  We have also learnt about how Jesus called the disciples to follow him. We thought about how the disciples might feel when Jesus asked them to be his special friends and why he chose these particular twelve.

Take a look at our ideas about what sort of person we think a disciple would be:

We used the symbol of the Baptismal candle to write prayers about how we could shine like Jesus.  Take a look at some of these below:

Christ, my Lord, you shine in the darkness,
Sent by God to wash away the sins of the world,
Please help me to be nice to the Reception children when they get hurt,
And to help people when they are poorly.
Lord, you are the light of the world,
Sent by God to save the world,
Help me to be kind and forgiving.
Lord, you shine like a diamond,
Jesus you shine like a star,
You were sent by God to show us an example.
God, help me to be a good son to my parents
Christ, my Lord, you shine in the darkness,
You were sent by God because we were bad,
Help me to be loving and caring,
Guide me to be trustworthy.


After learning about the Baptism of Jesus, we thought about what the sacrament of Baptism means and what special things happen at a Baptism.

On Wednesday 19th September, Year Three were lucky enough to visit the church for the Baptism of Rebekah Eve.  Deacon Pat helped us with the ceremony , which celebrates a person being welcomed into God’s family.

Here, Father Xavier welcomes the parents and God-parents.

The parents are then asked what they are asking of God (Baptism) and the name they have given to their child.  The parents had chosen two names from the Bible – Rebekah and Eve.

The parents and God-parents then make the sign of the cross on Rebekah’s forehead.

After that, Father Xavier baptises Rebekah by pouring water over her head three times. “I baptise you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”  The water is a symbol of washing away our sins.

Rebekah is annointed with the oils of Baptism and Chrism.

Towards the end of the ceremony Rebekah is wrapped in a white garment to show that she is dressed as a new follower of Christ.  She also receives a Baptismal candle to guide her on her journey as part of God’s family.

We say some prayers for the newest member of God’s family and bless the parents


We have created posters and booklets about the symbols of Baptism.  Why not come to our class assembly on 28th September and see some of them on our hall display?


Nativity of Mary – September 2018: We sequenced the Hail Mary prayer and made a birthday card for Mary.

Being loving – September 2018: We thought about how Mary showed love to Jesus and how we could be loving to other people.

Being a disciple – September 2018: We talked about what the disciples of Jesus had to do and wrote our own prayers about how we could be a disciple.

“I can help children in Reception class” – Elana

“I can help people when they are upset” – Charlie

“I can try my best at being kind” – Lydia

“I can help my dad” – Alex

“I can help people who find their work hard” – Louis


Take a look at one of the R.E. topics that last year’s Year Three children completed

LITURGY of the EUCHARIST – Summer 2018

Year Three have learnt that, during the Liturgy of the Eucharist, we thank and praise God for all that he has done through Jesus. We began by reading the story of Jesus curing the ten lepers and found out that only one of them came back to thank him once they were healed. We talked about why it is always important to remember to say thank you to God and have written our own thank you prayers, as well as created posters to show what we are grateful to God for.

We read the Eucharistic prayer and found parts of this that thank and praise God. Take a look at some of the things we found:

On Thursday 28th June, we took part in a role play about the Liturgy of the Eucharist. First we brought the gifts of bread and wine to the altar.

The priest begins the Eucharistic prayer and we all join in with the responses.

Priest: The Lord be with you

Us: And with your Spirit

Priest: Lift up your hearts

Us: We lift them up to the Lord

Priest: Let us give thanks to the Lord our God

Us: It is right and just

The priest holds up the bread and wine and remembers what Jesus said and did at the Last Supper. We hear a bell ring when he does this to help us remember how important this is.

“This is my body. Take it and eat it to remember me”

At the end of the Eucharistic prayer we all say the Our Father prayer, then offer one another a sign of peace.

After this we go up to the altar to receive the Body of Christ or a blessing.

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