During the first half of the Spring term Year Three have studied the picture: A Roman Triumph by Peter Paul Rubens. 

We have particularly focused on the elephants within the painting.  Having watched videos about elephant processions, called Perahera, that take place in Sri Lanka, the children have created artwork showing decorated elephants.

Take a look at some of their foil and metallic artwork below:

We also used watercolours to decorate pictures of elephants to put in our own Perahera procession. 

We researched facts about elephants so that we could write reports.  Read these to find out some of the facts we learnt:

Elephants by Joseph

Elephants by Summer

Mardi Gras  

After this we compared the picture to Mardi Gras celebrations.  We made masks and shakers to create our own Mardi Gras parade.

Can you guess who is behind the mask?

Do you want to learn about Mardi Gras too?  Read our reports to find out lots of interesting facts:

Mardi Gras by Angeline

Mardi Gras by Tom H

Mardi Gras by Ava

Mardi Gras by Thomas

Mardi Gras by Ethan

ENJOY your reading!!

Finally, we created some “Guess Who?” power point slides to see if you know who is hiding behind the masks.  Take a look at some of the great work the children completed:

Masks 1 

Masks 2

Masks 3