The Romans

Summer Term 2018

During the Summer Term, Year Three have enjoyed their topic on the ROMANS.  They have worked extremely hard learning about hypocausts, baths and toilets, mosaics, Roman numerals and Roman shields.  They enjoyed a really interesting visit to Chedworth Roman villa and were brilliant hosts at our recent Romans’ Exhibition for parents.  Take a look at pictures from the exhibition here :

Click here to hear part of their performance Just Like A Roman

Following a request from Lucius Maximus (a Roman soldier coming to Britain), Year Three made models of a HYPOCAUST (Roman underfloor heating).  Take a look at them here:

We also saw a hypocaust on our recent visit to Chedworth Roman villa – see if you can spot it amongst the trip photos below.

Can you tell the time on our great Roman Numeral clocks?  Test yourselves with these:

Look at us practising techniques for making a mosaic. We tried colouring, painting and using small paper squares:

And here we are creating our designs:

Take a look at some of brilliant finished mosaics:

VISIT to Chedworth Roman Villa

On Friday 27th April, Year Three visited the Roman Villa at Chedworth.  We all had a fantastic day, exploring the villa, making Roman medicine bags and sorting artefacts (as well as visiting the shop!).  Take a look at what we got up to here:

Here are the Roman slaves making medicine:

We sorted lots of artefacts, which have been found at the villa and some of us dressed up as Roman soldiers. 

We also found out that the Greek letters “Chi” (X) and “Rho” (P) are marked on a flagstone at the villa, to show when Britain converted to Christianity, under the rule of Emperor Constantine:

We all had a fantastic day and were complimented on our super behaviour by the staff at Chedworth.

Roman Shields

We have created our own design for a Roman shield and have begun to construct these.  Take a look at us attaching the “boss” and painting the background of our shields here: