During the second half of the Autumn term, Year Three have been learning about the Romans and how they impacted on Britain.


We watched films and read information about Roman baths and toilets.  Take a look at the poster that Toby and Alfie made to show what they found out:




When Lucius Maximus wrote to Year Three explaining that he was moving from Rome to Britain and needed some underfloor heating installed in his villa, they all rose to the challenge.

After using information he had sent to research how a Roman heating system works, the children discussed a list of what they would need to include in their models.

They then set about the task of using the resources he had sent them to design their version of a hypocaust (underfloor heating system).

Take a look at what they came up with:

We then planned a design for our own individual hypocaust model.  Take a look at some of these here:


We all enjoyed our visit to Chedworth Roman Villa on Thursday 24th November.  Take a look at some pictures from our visit here:

Here we are looking at the hypocaust

Did you know the Romans used a sponge on a stick instead of toilet paper?

Take a look at our chief slave, who worked really hard and earned his freedom:

Do you think all these other slaves are working hard too?

We worked really hard to sort artefacts found at the villa.

We all had a fantastic day and learned lots of interesting things about the Romans.  Thank you to all our helpers and to Roz, who was our leader for the day!!


We saw some amazing mosaics at Chedworth too:

We have designed and made our own mosaics to go on the floor of our hypocaust.  

We also learnt about Roman numerals and made our own clocks to tell the time: