The Stone Age to the Iron Age

During the Autumn term Year Three have been learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  We have found out about the changes between the different time periods.  Take a look at some of our posters about the Neolithic Age (New Stone Age): 

As part of our topic we visited an Iron Age hill fort at the top of Bredon Hill.  We were really lucky because Nina O’Hare, who is a local archaeologist, came along and taught us all about the hill fort.

We learnt about how the hill fort had been built and what it would have been used for.  Take at us all standing on the ramparts and looking at the ditches that had been dug out by hand!!

We all had a great day and were absolutely brilliant at walking up and back down the hill.

A huge WELL DONE to everyone and a big THANK YOU to Nina for helping us.

During December we used colour mixing to create a background for pictures of Stonehenge.  Take a look at some of our fantastic artwork here:


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