VOLCANOES and EARTHQUAKES SPRING 2018     volcano200




During the Spring term Year Three have been learning about Volcanoes.  We watched a film about the layers of the Earth and created our own diagrams:

We have labelled cross sections of volcanoes and used glossaries to find out the meanings of technical words.  We have also learnt how volcanoes are formed and how they can be both harmful and helpful to our environment.

Take a look at some of our volcano inspired artwork.

We studied paintings of Mount Fuji by the Japanese artist, Hokusai.  We used watercolour paints to re-create some of his paintings:

We looked at the techniques used by British artist, Nick Rowland, in his volcano painting.  We practised colour mixing, splattering, spray painting and blowing, using poster paints:

Take a look at some of our finished paintings inspired by Nick Rowland:

As part of our topic, we are studying rocks and soils, in science.  We have sorted rocks into groups and investigated the hardness of different rocks.

Take a look at some of our brilliant homework projects on volcanoes:

To finish our topic, we took part in a carousel of activities about earthquakes.  Take a look at some of the posters we made about how to stay safe in an earthquake: