Start of Year 2

We started with sharing information about ourselves and I must say we are all very interesting! The children brought in Lego models, posters and special items.



We have been learning lots in RE about stories in the Old Testament. We acted out David and Goliath and learnt songs about Noah and Jonah. We will be showing our RE learning in Our Class Assembly on Friday 6th October.

Monday 22nd September

Our three homework champions are…

We were lucky enough to be shown a home-made book, a poster about the BFG and a poster about a lion. Our next homework is all about place value.


Sam came in and taught us about Neil Armstrong through drama. We loved this and we play many of the drama games in class now.

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Friday 6th October 2017

It was Our Class Assembly this morning and I am very proud of how well all of the children performed. 

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We had seven homework champions this week! They all worked very hard to show their place value knowledge.

Our next homework is all about describing small and big things. What amazing vocabulary will Year 2 think of?


Year 2 have had a very busy day learning about the properties of materials. We found out which materials float and why they float.

We then extended this further and explored why metal boats float but metal teaspoons sink. We created boats out of plasticine. It sinks as a ball but floats as boat!


Friday 13th October 

Our homework champions are…

Both children wrote beautiful descriptions of the picture. We had massive but cute dogs, and a miniature man feeding them. Well done Year 2, keep up the hard work. 



Year 2 and Year 1 enjoyed a trip to the Oxford Story Telling Museum. We had a fantastic day, which the children all enjoyed. The big bed was especially successful!

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