In literacy this term, we have been studying a children’s version of Treasure Island. This has inspired our writing and enabled us to work on a wide range of sentence structures, punctuation and ambitious vocabulary.

In numeracy we have been focusing on place value and the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children have been working with concrete apparatus to help them complete calculations as well as problem solving and reasoning tasks.

Year 4 are… electric!

Year 4 will be applying their topic knowledge of hills and mountains, to a local example in the form of Bredon Hill. The children made potato mountains in class to show the contour lines and features upon it. They will then use this knowledge on our class visit to Bredon Hill, where they will use OS maps, observations and a compass, to navigate their way to the summit.


World War I

‘Lest We Forget’ 2018 marks 100 years since the official end of the First World War. In order to remember the fallen, Year 4 have decorated the class room, worked to choreograph a WW1 inspired dance and produced a WWI art exhibition, commemorating those who lost their lives and fought in The Great War.