Creation and the Story of Abraham to Joseph

As part of our first R.E. topic, we looked at creation stories and humans being made in the likeness of God. Each child drew their self portrait and explained how they were made in the likeness of God. We shared these images with the rest of the school and with parents and other family members when we led a whole school assembly. We told everyone how we were each created to like God in our own special and unique way.


We have also studied the stories of ‘The Old Testament’ from Abram/Abraham…


to Joseph.

Next, we learnt about Jesus and what his life must have been like as a young boy, practising the Jewish faith, in the synagogue, and how he would have read and learned about these same stories that we are reading and learning about today. We have investigated the prayers he would have said and what they mean. To help us deepen our understanding of this and of the Jewish faith, we visited a synagogue.

We learnt that Jesus, as a Jew, would have read the Torah, which contains the first five books of the Christian Bible (the Pentateuch). He would have read some of these same stories.

The Torah is the Jewish Bible (also known by Christians as the Pentateuch). The word Torah means God’s teaching.


We also focused upon the story of Jesus in the temple…

and learning about the Jewish faith that Jesus was brought up in (which included a visit to a synagogue).

We have also studied a number of prayers, including the Shema, The Our Father, The Gloria and the Rosary.


BBC Bitesize Clip about The Sheema

Jesus Light of the World and Beloved Son

During this unit, we have engaged with three events in the life of Jesus:

The Presentation, The Baptism of Christ and The Transfiguration.


The children took a viewpoint for different individuals that were present at these events and wrote diaries to not only retell the story but also explore their thoughts and feelings.


We looked at different representations of the Baptism of Jesus in Religious art and thought about:
●  the posture of the characters and their expressions.
●  the setting of the paintings and the symbol of the Holy Spirit in the painting.


We looked at a map of the Holy Land and found the River Jordan on it. We looked at which place names we recognised and thought about the words that God spoke at Jesus’ Baptism.


Sharing in the life of Christ.’


This term, we are studying the topic ‘Sharing in the life of Christ.’ We have looked at the life of Saint Mother Theresa and her work as a missionary in Calcutta. We have also looked at the role of a Pope and how Pope Francis was inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi. 


We looked at the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church:


We have studied Simon Peter and how he was ‘The Rock’ on which the Catholic Church was built.


We children have composed prayers during collective worship: