In literacy this term, we are reading ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’ The children have been characterising Hiccup, whilst also considering his feelings and motives for his actions. Later in the term, we will be writing newspaper reports on the escaped dragon.


In numeracy this term, we have been focusing on multiplication and division. The children have been practicing the skills using concrete and abstract methods then applying them to their formal written methods. They have also used and apply these skills to solve problems and complete reasoning activities.


We have been looking into the human body this term, studying the process of the digestive system as well as investigating different types of teeth and the effect of decay.


Sutton Hoo was the archeological site for investigation this term, as we lived as Anglo-Saxons. We studied how the Saxons invaded Britain and how they settled, lived, worked progressing to how they died and were buried in long ships with their precious goods.


In art this term, we have studied ‘Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh’ and ‘Scream by Edvard Munch.’ As a class and individually we studied how the artist used tone in their art then investigating how we can make different tones by adding different colours whilst mixing paints.

Design and Technology

Mechanical CAM toys are the focus of our project this term. We have been using the tenant saw, electric drill and claw hammer whilst working with plain square edge timber and dowel rods.