Meet the Staff



                                                                                                                        September 2017


Dear Parents,

Welcome to Year 4. I am very pleased to be teaching your children this year. Our learning support assistants will be Mr Hall in the mornings and Mrs Andrews in the afternoons. Our aim is to make sure your child is having fun and reaching their potential, whilst learning both in the classroom and beyond.

In literacy this term, we will be reading a children’s version of ‘Treasure Island’ – written by Robert Louis Stevenson. We would welcome you to visit the classroom and look at our very own pirate ship, anchored in ‘Pirate Cove.’ I believe this will inspire the children’s writing further as we progress through the novel.

In numeracy, we will begin by investigating our knowledge regarding place value and the four operations before moving onto fraction work. You can support your child at home by playing numerical games, such as snakes and ladders. Practising their times tables is also essential.

Topic work will lead us on an exciting adventure to Bredon Hill; we will be studying ‘Hills and Mountains’, before eventually progressing to ‘Rivers.’ This programme of work will contain two small field trips to Bredon and Pershore. Letters will be sent out accordingly at the appropriate time. This project will tie in with our ‘Water Cycle’ unit in science.

P.E. will be taking place on a Monday this term; please remember your school P.E. kit with suitable footwear and warm outdoor clothes, in case they are needed. Swimming will be starting on Friday 22nd September 2017.

Home work will be sent out once a term, as a mini project, based around one of our topics. There will also be a weekly times tables test, which the children will need to practice for. 

In February 2018, we will be visiting the ‘Pioneer Centre’ at Cleobury Mortimer, Kidderminster. Again, letters will be sent out with full details, kit lists and prices. It will be held over two nights and three days.

I am looking forward to working with your child and yourself as parents/carers; together, we will have a fantastic year!


Yours sincerely,


Mr Hawtree.



Long term planning

Subject Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
RE Creation and the Story of Abraham to Joseph  Prayer and Advent  Christmas and Jesus the light of the world  Lent, Holy Week and Easter Pentecost and sharing in the life of Christ  Old Test
Rivers and Europe – Germany study. History Saxons and Vikings. History Saxons and Vikings. Healthy eating. Take one picture
Treasure island.
Narrative. Story with a plot. 
Non – chronological report.
How to Train Your Dragon.
Non – chronological report – dragons.
chronological report –
Saxons and Vikings.
How to Train Your Dragon.
Assessment 2
Dream Snatcher. Dream Snatcher.
Assessment 3
State of matter &
Water cycle.
Electricity. Living things & habitats. Sound. Animals including humans.  
E safety and data handling. Internet communication and networks. Research and presenting information. Programming and coding. Digital media software, making films.  
 Claris Cliff Horizon lines     Saxon and Viking shields and jewellery.    Art work.
    Making a long boat cam toy.   Cooking.  
French / Music
Multi skill games – attack and defend. Gymnastics. Football. Orienteering / outdoor adventure. Tennis. Swimming.

Autumn Term


This half term, in RE, will have studied the stories of ‘The Old Testament’ from Abraham to Joseph. We have also focused upon the story of Jesus in the temple, learning about the Jewish faith and the synagogue (which we will be visiting in November 2017). We have also studied a number of prayers including the Shema, The Our Father, The Gloria and the Rosary.


In literacy this term, we have been studying the children’s version of Treasure Island. This has inspired our work and enabled us to work on a wide range of sentence structures, punctuation and as well as ambitious vocabulary. Please take time to look at a sample of the children’s work below:


In numeracy we have been focusing on place value and the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children have been working with concrete apparatus to help them complete the calculations as well as problem solving / reasoning tasks.


We have investigated the different states of matter within science. The children set up their own investigations aided by Mr Hawtree, Mr Hall and Mr Thorley. We will be shortly applying this knowledge to the water cycle.


Year 4 applied their topic knowledge of hills and mountains, practically, to Bredon Hill. The children made potato mountains in class to show the contour lines and features upon it. They then took this knowledge to Bredon Hill, where they used OS maps and observations of a compass to navigate their way to the summit.


In music, the children have been practising “I Got Rhythm” (Crazy for you) which they will perform in the Autumn Concert led by Mr Lister.


Synagogue Trip

On 6th November 2017 Year 4 went on a trip to a Synagogue to learn more about their RE topic on Judaism. Here are some photos from our trip.


Beeline Festival

On Tuesday 17th October 2017 Year 4 took part in a story telling festival hosted by the University of Worcester at the Hive. 


Bredon Hill

On Tuesday 10th October 2017 Year 4 went for a walk on Bredon Hill to learn about the geographical features of hills and mountains. Here are some photos of our trip.

Autumn 2


This half term, our R.E. topic will be ‘Jesus – Light of the World and Beloved Son.’ We have studied The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, The Baptism of the Lord, and The Transfiguration. 


In Literacy, we have looked at formal letter writing, instruction writing as well as non – chronological report writing. 


‘Measuring the playground with a piece of string, 10 cm long, was hard work and took ages…’ Year 4 took the morning to learn about perimeter. We measured the playground with trundle wheels to gain an accurate measurement and then proceeded to measure out the perimeter for a swimming pool. 


Year 4 are electric!


Our topic in year 4 this term, is rivers. We have studied features of a river, local rivers, rivers of the world as well as how a river is used including hydroelectric dams. 



After hockey and football, it is now time for some gymnastics. Look at our partner balances below:


Congratulations to Year 4, who delivered an excellent assembly today. They explained how Joseph and his dreams inspired their own skills and talents and how they use these for the good of others. 

Wick Car Farm Trip

Year 4 visited Wick Care Farm for the morning, where we took part in activities such as treasure map co-ordinates, flags made by multiples and factors, floating and sinking pirate ships as well as treasure hunts and acrostic poems.