Mummified Tomatoes

Linking to our Summer Term topic of Ancient Egypt, we wrote instructions explaining the mummification process.  To help us understand the steps of mummification (and not having a body to practice on) we mummified tomatoes in class.

Why did the Year 5 Chairs Quit? 

Year 5 have done something to upset their chairs …

We came into the classroom and they had all quit and refused to come back until we had considered their feelings and promised to treat them with more respect.  We wrote formal letters from the chairs to Year 5 to explain why they had quit.


On 13th May 2019, we had an exciting visit to the beautiful Worcester Wildlife Trust, Knapp and Papermill.  We spent the morning in Leigh Brook taking measurements to determine the depth and speed of the water.  Then, after a picnic lunch in the sun, we did some field sketches and used kick sampling to determine how clean the water in Leigh Brook is.