Images of Jesus

After Christmas we looked at the prologue of St John and identified the images of Jesus portrayed in this poem. We then discussed our favourite images and the symbols we could use to illustrate this image. Our artwork is on display in the entrance hall. We have also written reflections about Jesus, using the images we liked best to describe him.



This term eight pupils in the class and two past pupils will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Bishop Robert will visit our parish on the 14th February to administer the sacrament. In class we have been preparing for the Sacrament. We have learned about what happened at Pentecost and have reflected on what the gifts of the Holy Spirit mean to us. We thought about how we might use them to do God’s work.
We have displayed our own gifts on flames of fire and we have written litany type prayers to the Holy Spirit.
At our class assembly, on 8th February, we will share our learning with the rest of the school and with our parents.



Holy Week

As part of their learning about Holy Week, Year 6 prepared and performed an Easter Reflection, taking their audience through those dramatic events from Palm Sunday to Good Friday.

Faith Tattoos

In our Easter unit we discussed the story of Thomas and his lack of faith. He needed proof that Jesus was alive and Jesus said, “Happy are those who do not see and yet believe.” We used Thomas’ prayer: “My Lord and my God” for our collective worship. In our lesson we talked about the different ways in which people express their faith today.

We looked at pictures of famous footballers like Firmino and Messi who have messages of faith tattooed on to their bodies and we decided we would design our own tattoos to show that we believe in Jesus. Although some of us were very keen to have a tattoo, we didn’t think our parents would appreciate it, so we decided to transfer them onto t-shirts.


The Sacred Heart

June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This June we wrote prayers to thank Jesus for loving us and to ask him to help us to have loving hearts like he did.


Pope Francis

We also learnt about Pope Francis in class. We did a lot of research about his life and chose our favourite facts. We looked at his coat of arms and how it symbolizes his vocation and what is important to him.

We then designed our own coat of arms as disciples of Jesus.

We also used Pope Francis’ five finger prayer in our collective worship.

We looked at Pope Francis’ encyclical – Laudatio Si – on caring for our common home and created our own posters to share his message with others.

The Ascension

When we read the story of the Ascension we looked at the poem by Christina Rossetti and drew symbols to represent our favourite verses.